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Frequently Asked Questions

How does daycare work?

When you bring your pet for daycare on its first day, we perform an evaluation to ensure that he/she will be a good candidate. We must first make sure that your dog feels comfortable with our staff. If your dog is fearful of humans and we cannot safely handle your pet, he/she will not be a good candidate for daycare or boarding at our facility.  If your dog seems to feel safe and comfortable with our staff, we will then introduce your pet to one of the other dogs in one of our smaller daycare rooms. We have many dogs who come on a regular basis who are fantastic at greeting new buddies and making them feel right at home! Once we can see that your dog is behaving appropriately (acting friendly, playful, and relaxed in our environment), our staff will then introduce them to the group that will best fit their needs.

Which daycare group will my dog play with?

Each of our daycare dogs are individually and carefully evaluated in order to select the play group that will best suit their size, personality and play style. We have a large, spacious main room where the young and active big dogs play (typically 45-50lbs and up). We have a second large main room where the energetic small to medium sized dogs play. If your dog isn't as active and prefers calmer dogs, we have several smaller (although still spacious) rooms where he/she will be with other dogs with similar needs. We often have a group with mellow older dogs who prefer to lounge around and relax during the day. We will always accommodate your pet in whichever play groups suit them best.

How do you ensure a safe daycare environment?

Our Handlers are trained and experienced in off-leash play.  By leading with a confident, assertive approach, they become the Alpha Dog and effectively supervise and control their pack. Every dog is screened and temperament tested to ensure they will be a good fit. Once they have proven to be friendly and of even temperament, they are evaluated with a group of like size and play style.

It is a well known fact that dogs can play rough with each other, often using their teeth and paws. Even under our professional supervision, nicks, scrapes, and puncture wounds can happen. To aid in keeping the dogs happy (and not tired/grumpy), we have nap time every afternoon from approximately noon until 3pm.  Additionally,  we occasionally use time-outs to calm dogs who are overly excited or rambunctious.  This separates them from the group, allowing all the daycare dogs as well as the dog who’s has been separated to settle down.

What do you do in case of injury or illness?

In the event of an injury or illness, we will asses the situation and handle as if it were our own dog(s) involved.  If it is something minor, we will generally call or email you.  If it is something that requires immediate attention, we will call you while enroute to the vet.  Also, in the unlikely event we ever need it, our Team is PET First Aid & CPR Trained and certified. 

Where do the dogs go potty?​

In the morning when your dog(s) first arrive, they get let outside to do their business. We are, however, primarily an indoor facility. Throughout the day the daycare dogs will go potty indoors. We monitor the rooms consistently and clean up after them with veterinarian approved chemicals that are non-caustic (meaning the chemicals we use will not harm them in any way). 

I am potty training my puppy and I am worried that he/she will think it's ok to potty indoors because he will be allowed to at daycare.

Dogs are very smart! We have been in this facility for over 15 years, and we have never once had a client alert us that their dog's potty training has gone out the window! Our daycare dogs definitely know the difference between what is acceptable here, and what is acceptable at home. If we notice that your dog will only relieve itself outdoors, we make the extra effort to let it outside to potty multiple times throughout the day.

My dog has a medical condition that it takes medications for.  Can you accommodate that?

Our staff is used to accommodating pets who need daily oral medications. We keep many different food items stocked to ensure that your pet will receive its medication (things like pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter, hot dogs, etc.) However, our staff is not trained to administer shots such as insulin. If your pet is special needs in that it requires a shot, has mobility issues, or needs round the clock care, we suggest that you board at a veterinarian office or contact us for in-home pet-sitting options. 

how does boarding work?

When your pet comes to stay with us, we go above and beyond to keep your best friend as comfortable and content as possible! We know that every dog is different, and as such, we always keep in mind the individual needs of each of our furry guests.

what is the boarding routine?

We arrive very early in the morning to begin letting all of our guests outside to potty. After they go out to do their business, they are fed breakfast and allowed to rest for a bit. If your pet is approved for daycare, they will go outside for another potty break before being brought into the daycare group that best suits them to begin their day of fun and frolic! After a full day of fun, they are put up in their individual spots for dinner time. After they've eaten dinner, they will go outside with their daycare buddies to potty before going to bed for the night.

What will my pet do during the day if he/she is not approved for daycare?

At this time, we are too full to accept any new pets for boarding unless they are approved in advance for a daycare play group.

Where will my pet(s) sleep at night?

We have several boarding options available: For small to medium sized dogs, we have black wire as well as stainless steel kennels of all sizes, since many pets are accustomed and well adjusted to being crated. Each crate is set up with plenty of comfy bedding and fresh water available at all times! We also have spacious 5x5 and 5x10 runs where large pets will be set up with a raised bed with blankets and of course, fresh water always available! For larger dogs, we also have large and XL black wire kennels available for those who are trained to sleep in a kennel overnight. The last boarding option we have is what we call "out-boarding".  Out-boarding is typically reserved for special needs pets, senior pets, multi-dog families so that they can stay together, or pets with anxiety who are not used to being kenneled or confined. These pets will stay in one of the spacious and comfortable smaller daycare rooms that we have (as available).

How long are the dogs left alone at night?

We close at 6pm, however, we are here after hours (anywhere from 8 to 9pm), taking care of all of the boarding dogs and making sure everyone is comfortable, has pottied after dinner, has soft, clean bedding and fresh water before leaving for the night. Our facility has an alarm system and live cameras for employees to check on things overnight. Our morning shift arrives no later than 6am to begin letting the dogs out to potty and feeding breakfast before daycare starts at 7am.

What if my pet doesn't want to eat while he/she is boarding with you?

We love to spoil our boarding guests! The last thing we want is for our pups to go to bed with an empty belly, so we go above and beyond to make sure everyone has full and happy tummies! We will try sitting with the and/or hand-feeding them. If they stay on the hunger-strike, we  do boil (in house) yummy (plain) chicken and rice that we can add on to your pets dinner to entice their appetite (we would only add this if you approve it - OF COURSE)! We also keep stocked other delicious options such as chicken broth, various types of wet food, and tasty treats to add into your pets meals.  Again, we will only add something if your pet isn't eaten and we okay it with you. You are also more than welcome to bring your own additions if your pet has food allergies of any kind!

What should I bring with my pet when he/she comes to board at your facility?

The number one thing that we always encourage our customers to bring is their dogs own food! We always want our boarding guests to be as comfortable and content as possible while they are away from home; so although we do have a house food that we are happy to offer (at an additional charge), we believe it is best that your pet is offered the food that he/she is used to getting at home in order to avoid any upset bellies. A sudden diet change can easily upset their digestive system causing discomfort and stress, which is no fun for anyone! Do not worry about bringing bowls for food or water, we have hundreds of stainless steel bowls of all shapes and sizes that are washed and sanitized daily! We have plenty of comfy blankets, comforters, dog beds, linens, and other items to make sure that all of our guests stay cozy and relaxed during their stay. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own, especially if your dog has a favorite bed or blankie that it loves to sleep everywhere with! We do have a washer and dryer at our facility so if it gets dirty during their stay, we will be sure to get it cleaned and smelling nice for you before you return home.