who goes where?

We have multiple play rooms and dogs are  broken into groups according to age, size, play-style and temperament.  Play groups are dynamic and change not only daily, but minute by minute depending on who is here, who comes in, and what is going on around them.  Please be assured that while we will make every effort to accommodate your group preference, SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.  If we determine a different play group or room would work better for your pet's needs on any given day, we will move him/her at that time.

basic Rules

Because doggy daycare requires a friendly, happy atmosphere in order to be successful, it is important that we establish ground rules for behavior.  Your dog should be comfortable playing and socializing with other dogs and allowing a new dog into their area without feeling territorial.  For the safety of all pets and staff, we require daycare dogs allow us to handle them whenever necessary.  For this reason, you may observe us making them sit, stay, etc. and they will not be allowed to jump on us when leashing them or moving them around.  This does not mean we don't LOVE your pet(s)!  We want them to play and have fun but it is imperative for us all that they respect us and behave when asked.

Enrollment Process

An enrollment form may be picked up at our facility or printed from the web.  Once the form has been completed and you have shot records together, please contact us to schedule your dog's first day of play.  Please allow a little extra time on your first visit, so that we have time to go over shot records and asses your pet's personality.  During this time, you can look around and ask questions.  After your first day, we will help you decide if ongoing doggy daycare will be beneficial to your pup and make sure your expectations can be met. 

PLEASE NOTE: Proper introductions take time.  We are unlikely to put your dog into daycare minutes after you arrive or with you present.  Things go much smoother for us all once your BFF is comfortable with staff and surroundings.  For that reason, an appointment is required for your first daycare visit, so that we can allow time for your pup to acclimate to the exciting sounds and smells in the building before doggy introductions begin. 

doggy daycare provides a safe, stimulating option for dogs whose owners work long hours, travel, or for dogs who need extra activity and social interaction. 


In addition to providing exercise and socialization, it can help curb destructive behaviors and alleviate separation anxiety.  Unlike dog parks and pet-sitting in the home, doggy daycare provides a consistent, fully supervised way to train and socialize pets so they are better behaved and easier to handle.

Doggy Daycare

2110 North Collins Street * Arlington, Tx. 76011
Contact:  (817) 276-1414 *

  • minimum 4 months old
  • DHLP-CPV (current)
  • Rabies​ (current)
  • bordetella (current)
  • titers testing w/recognizable antibody levels accepted at our discretion
  • spayed/neutered (6 months)
  • free from fleas/ticks/matts
  • on routine hw preventative

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Health Requirements

Why Doggy Daycare?

Do you have a puppy at home who lacks basic manners or is going stir-crazy? Even worse - is he becoming bored and destructive? Is your older BFF home alone all day while you're gone and you feel guilty?  WE CAN HELP!