Though deposits are not needed most of the year, we do require a DEPOSIT TO HOLD YOUR boarding RESERVATION OVER MAJOR holidays. 


Please remember that we are a small facility and we are holding your reservation request pending your pet's arrival. When we reach our total occupancy capacity, we have to refuse reservation requests and turn business away.  Please click here to review reservation and cancellation policies enforced over major holidays.

  • minimum 4 months old
  • DHLP-CPV (current)
  • Rabies​ (current)
  • bordetella (click here for More Info)
  • titers testing w/recognizable antibody levels accepted at our discretion
  • spayed/neutered (6 months)
  • free from fleas/ticks/matts
  • on routine hw preventative

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Deposit Requirements

Health Requirements

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Contact:  (817) 276-1414 *

Boarding (Overnight stays)

Do you have a trip planned and no plans for your pup? Sure, we all want to travel with our BFF, but sometimes you just can't. We offer boarding in conjunction with daycare so your pup will have fun until you return with their souvenir!

​"Enroll BEFORE you need it!  If you ever have an emergency and need to board your BFF, this is the last thing you want to worry about"!
​                          ~Words of Wisdom from Sandy

Please note: Boarded dogs are expected to participate in daycare.  We will board dogs that do not play well in daycare whenever possible but we may not be able too in busier times.  Please always call us prior to planning to board with us - ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN HERE OR IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN HOW YOUR DOG(S) WILL DO IN GROUP PLAY.

Boarding Capacity

We limit our boarding capacity, allowing us to give each pet generous attention and individualized care. Because each pet and boarding situation is unique, we have several options available for boarding, including kennels, large (over-sized)  runs, and we also allow open boarding in the daycare rooms as needed.  Please be assured that while we will make every effort to accommodate your boarding preference, your pet's safety is our top priority. If, after getting to know your pet, we determine that a different type of boarding enclosure would work better, he/she may be moved. 

what do I bring?

You are welcome to bring blankets, chews, toys and other items you feel comfortable leaving your pet alone with. Additionally, because many dogs are sensitive to sudden diet changes, we request you bring your pet's food so that we can avoid unnecessary stress during the stay.  Boarded dogs are expected to participate in doggy daycare but if your pet does not play well with others, needs more rest or you choose to not have your dog participate, he/she will be walked and/or allowed to play in an area alone during the daytime.

Enrollment Process

You may self-register and enter your pet(s) information by creating an account at  Please be sure to fill in all required fields and sign the legal agreement prior to scheduling an appointment with us.  Once you have completed your registration, we need to view your vaccination records via email, paper, or on your phone (in person) and we will enter those into your account for you.  Once you are registered and vaccination records are entered, please contact us to schedule a daycare playdate prior to your dog's board, if at all possible.  This will give us a chance to meet each other, go over boarding policies, and give us time to asses your pet's personality before they stay with us.  We want to be sure you are comfortable leaving your BFF with us and that our services are a good fit for your boarding needs.

1.  If you are unable to schedule daycare or a meeting prior to your pet's board, please call us to discuss.  We can waive this requirement on a case-by-case basis
2.  Though we will take last-minute boards whenever possible, APPOINTMENTS ARE  REQUIRED FOR BOARDING